Month: January 2019

Mental Health Series: I Miscarried after Losing My Granda


I remember my first miscarriage like it was yesterday. I was working whilst studying at Queen’s. I was at work when it happened, the cramping, the most intense pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I remember thinking, “What the fuck? What is this?” I hadn’t had any strange food, I hadn’t been out the night before, I didn’t get hangovers anyway as I didn’t get drunk. I ended up feeling so unwell I took myself to the toilet, my colleague who was a mother herself, had taken one look at me and followed me to the bathroom.

Foodie Recipes: Coconut, Cinnamon & Chocolate Chip Pancakes


I first made this recipe a few months, ago. I have always wanted to experiment more with food, but I hate just cooking for myself as I’m a bit of a feeder. So, I decided to start by making pancakes, like who doesn’t love pancakes?

Movie Review Series: Eli Roth's Clown (2nd March 2015)

Movie Review Series: Eli Roth’s Clown


The below post contains spoilers and a synopsis on the movie. If you have this movie on your watchlist or […]

Would You Rather Tag


I was nominated to write this post by my very talented and beautiful friend, Karen. She has an incredible blog and is a beautiful writer, I highly suggest you go and check her out. Karen has been so supportive and has been a really big support to me, personally over the past few months. 

So, this is where I plagiarise Karen slightly (sorry, girl!) The idea of the tag is to answer all the would you rather questions that are posted by the person who tagged/nominated you, then you pass it on with your own set of questions to some other bloggers.

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