Month: April 2019

Storytime: Thate One Time I Tried to Become a Paypig Destroyer and Failed Miserably

Storytime: That One Time I Tried to Become a PayPig Destroyer and Failed Miserably


Well, this certainly wasn’t the blog post I PLANNED on publishing today, but today is a good a day as […]

An Open Letter: We Need to Talk (TW)


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have seen this before, but I felt compelled to give […]

Uni Life: Top Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Personal Statement for University


Seems a bit early to be looking at a personal statement, right? WRONG! It’s never too early to prepare your […]

10 Things That Women Don’t Tell Their Significant Others


Let’s just get straight into it, shall we? If I have missed one out, or maybe forgotten one feel free to leave it in the comments, below. Don’t forget to sign up for my email notifications so you know when I post, you can also follow me on Wordpress, and all my social media platforms which are listed, below (I feel like I’m writing a script for a Youtuber saying that. Don’t forget to hit the bell!)

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