About Me

Who is Just a Belfast Girl?

Well, I am! My name is Nicole, I’m a 30 something criminology and psychology student, part-time blogger, freelance writer and upcoming author of a very sassy romance novel. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland with my fur baby, he is 9 years old at the time of writing.

Why was Just a Belfast Girl Started?

I started Just a Belfast Girl when I was going through a very rough two years. I had been diagnosed with PTSD following child abuse I had suffered. My journal writing just wasn’t cutting it, I had always loved helping people, so I thought I would create a blog to discuss my experiences, give advice and to meet new, like-minded people.

What is Just a Belfast Girl About?

Just a Belfast Girl used to be a multi-niche site. However, after doing a bit of soul searching I cut my true crime side of the blog and created a sister/brother blog at The Missing and The Lost. Everything else I was interested in came under the category of Lifestyle so my site is officially a lifestyle based blog that covers everything from mental health, product reviews, book reviews and so much more.

The Future of Just a Belfast Girl

In all honesty? Who knows? I’d love for the blog to pay for itself, as it’s more expensive than people think to look after a blog. Once my book is published I am not really sure what will happen, but until then I’m going to keep pushing those blog posts out in the hopes that they help someone.

What Exactly is Your Job?

My job, lol… ummm… well I am a qualified makeup artist, beautician, HR professional, dental nurse, counsellor and social worker. I have a day job, the blog is a hobby and my MUA business is just a side hustle. I am also an amateur photographer! I can’t call myself an author just yet because my book isn’t published, but I dare say if it does well then that will be my main job.

Where Can I Contact You?

If you’re a fan of my blog, you can follow me on my social media. I am usually pretty active on Twitter and Instagram. I love getting feedback from my followers so feel free to drop me a DM.

If you are a company or brand wanting to work with me, you can contact me using this page.



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