Brand Focus: Benefit Cosmetics (UK & Ireland)

Brand Focus: Benefit Cosmetics (UK & Ireland)

April 7, 2019justabelfastgirl

Brand Focus: Benefit Cosmetics (UK & Ireland)

I’ve never done anything beauty related on my blog which is ridiculous considering I’m a trained beautician and makeup artist, so you’d think I’d do more of these posts. I was never one of those girls that had a love affair with makeup when I was younger, although I do remember biting down on lipstick and discovering it tasted disgusting. It’s almost like I can still taste it, now, all these years later. Don’t eat lipstick, lads, it’s no nice, don’t do it. For the record, it tasted like chemicals and crayons and was ruby red.

I started my love affair with makeup at around 16 and have been an avid “collector” of makeup ever since. As a makeup artist, I keep my ears to the ground for any new products that come out and have my preferred brands. I’m very particular about products, if you’ve followed me on social media for a while, or read my previous blog posts on my old site, you’ll know I’m a huge lover of animals of all shapes and sizes so I refuse to buy from any retailers or companies that test on animals. 

That’s one of the things I love about Benefit, they don’t test on animals at any part during the development process for any of their U.K, Ireland, or U.S. customers. This is something that I look at before I purchase any product and I’ll avoid purchasing or posting about any that are tested on animals. It’s 2019, there is absolutely no need to STILL test on animals. Another thing I love about Benefit is the price, I’m a university student and like most students, I’m a broke ass bitch 99% of the time so I look for bargains where I can. 

The idea for this post came a few months ago as I was clearing out my makeup collection (you should do this for any liquids or gels as they do have expiry dates). I have quite a few Benefit products and I do tend to pick the products up and use them on a regular basis on myself, and on my clients. So, why not do a post on the products I love from Benefit and maybe you’ll find a new favourite!


My brows stress me out, I was one of those teenagers that shaved their brows, and it changed my brow game forever, and not in a good way. I have been filling them in for as long as I could remember, but never found a product that did what I actually wanted to do, until I found the first focus product.

Brand Focus: Benefit Cosmetics (UK & Ireland)
We’ve all been here before

Goof – Proof Pencil Hero – Benefit Cosmetics £20.50

If like me and my lovely Casey, you are a fan of Mykie (GlamNGore) you’ll know she

Brand Focus: Benefit Cosmetics (UK & Ireland)
Photo Credit: Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

went through a phase of shaving her brow tips off, her brows pretty much looked like Schmidt’s (above). Every beauty guru I’ve watched has used Goof – Proof Pencil Hero by Benefit. I’m in the shade 05 deep as my hair is naturally black, but because I’m quite pale I use a slightly lighter shade for my brows so they don’t look too dark in contrast to my skin.

If requested I can do picture tutorials of how I use the product to do my brows, but you can find tonnes of gurus on youtube that will show you how to do it correctly by using Goof Proof. It’s £20.50 online, currently which may seem a bit pricey for an eyebrow product. However, it lasts for ages. I bought the one I am using at the moment back in June 2018, I’ve still a tonne of it left, despite using it pretty much every day.

Brow Gel

I’ll be honest, whilst I’ve done my brows for ages, I never used brow gel until around a year and a half ago. The first product I tried was Pixi by Petra‘s clear brow gel that I got in a Birchbox. It did the job, but the clear gel turned a horrendous colour as a result of some of my pencil colour coming off and ending up on the gel spool. It was a transparent tube, so it was quite off-putting and I hated pulling it out in front of clients as it looked revolting.

I was actually in my local Debenhams, which is where our Benefit Cosmetics stand is, I always go there to get my brows done as despite being qualified to wax. I refuse to do my own because it’s pretty much guaranteed I’ll mess them up. I was chatting away to one of the lovely girls there and had mentioned about the nightmare I was having with Petra’s gel and was going to need to find a new product and that’s when she told me to try the next product. 

24- hour Brow Setter, Clear Brow Gel – Benefit Cosmetics £20.50

Brand Focus: Benefit Cosmetics (UK & Ireland)
Photo Credit: Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

The purpose of the product is just as it states, to set your brows in place. It’s just handy to know that if you take a lot of selfies, are a makeup artist on photo shoots or if you tend to have flyaway brow hairs. It keeps them in place and there is none of that dandruff looking stuff that some clear brow gels leave. 

tenor (1).gif

It’s also brilliant if you are heading out for the night to parrrrrttyyyyyyyyyyy. Whether it’s clubbing where you’ll sweat like a mofo whilst dancing, a date, or just a night out on the town with your mates.

Brand Focus: Benefit Cosmetics (UK & Ireland)
Me at the gym

It keeps those brows in place and I’ve never had to top it up at any point in the night. I’ve used it at the gym because I figured I look ugly enough sweating, puffing and just looking like I’m trying to take a shit while working out, so at least my brows won’t look like the rest of me. Moving swiftly on…


Pores are a swear word in my house. I suffer from big pores, big open, gross pores. I have mistaken freckles for blackheads many a time and I am so paranoid about my pores that when I find a new pore product that works I keep it forever. I shouldn’t complain about my pores as I’ve been blessed with very clear skin, no one in my paternal family looks the age they are and that’s down to my gorgeous dearly departed granny E and my hero and sadly departed Granda E. My dad is 

The Pore Fessional – Benefit Cosmetics RRP £28.00 or for a Value Size (which I recommend) £46.00

This is one of the best products I have found to cover those pores and give you that doll-

Brand Focus: Benefit Cosmetics (UK & Ireland)
Photo Credit: Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

like skin look. They have also got a pink version that gives you a bit of a glow. I have tried that one, too. However, they only do a small version of that one (last time I checked) and it’s pricey enough so I’ve stuck with the original as it’s a good bang for your buck. 

For those that aren’t familiar with primers, they should be the next step after moisturiser and the step before foundation and concealer in your makeup routine. They protect your pores from makeup which means fewer blackheads and fewer spots. 




Brand Focus: Benefit Cosmetics (UK & Ireland)

Powder is used to mattify the face and to lock the foundation down. There is a term in the makeup world called baking. Usually, you would bake your problem areas or the areas where you use concealer. So, for example, your T Zone and under eyes. 

Then there is also the all over powder, I don’t like looking too mattified as I think it makes people look a bit cakey and their skin dry. So, when I was paying a visit to my local Benefit stall inside Debenhams, Castle Court in Belfast I asked the lovely girl waxing my brows which powder she would recommend for me.

Hello, Flawless! Custom Powder Cover Up – Benefit Cosmetics RRP £29.00

I explained that I was a makeup artist and I was in the market for a new powder. I had previously been using Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder, but I had hit the pan on it (hitting the pan is just a term for being able to see the bottom of the makeup compact). I wanted to try more Benefit products as I was already a big fan of their brow and lash products. 

Brand Focus: Benefit Cosmetics (UK & Ireland)
Photo Credit: Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

The Benefit Babe (which is what they have been referred to as) mentioned this powder and I asked a few questions. I wanted to make sure it would be suitable for all skin types as my clients tend to have combination skin so if I was trying this product and I ended up loving it then I’d want it in my kit. I also wanted a satin finish look, not cakey or dry.

She picked up the Hello Flawless! Custom Powder Cover Up in two shades fair and medium. I tested it out on my skin with a spare, clean makeup brush I had with me and I loved it. I picked both of them up as it meant I could try the other shade on someone paler than me. Anyone I have used this on has wanted to get it themselves. I highly recommend it.


I tend to not contour unless I feel like my face is really puffy. I do use bronzer to give a more tanned look on my face and neck area (and chest if it’s showing). I follow a lot of beauty YouTubers and bloggers so I am usually on the ball with what products are recommended and ones that I should try. 

I had previously used a drugstore bronzer from Superdrug that had been my go-to for as long as I can remember. However, the more I watched youtube videos and the more I researched, the more this next product kept showing up.

Hoola Matte Bronzer RRP £26.00 

I do love to look tanned, I am milky white because I don’t go outside. I literally look like a

Brand Focus: Benefit Cosmetics
Photo Credit: Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

member of the Cullen clan from Twilight, minus the glitter (unless you count my highlight!) So, when I do contour or use bronzer I go straight to my Hoola Matte Bronzer in shade Hoola

They have recently introduced two new shades which I’m delighted about. I have included them in the picture to show you. I didn’t actually know there was a Hoola Lite bronzer so that’s deadly. I’ll be picking that up next time I do some makeup shopping. 



I was a bad child, I got lash extensions and as gorgeous as they were when I had them. I regret massively getting them, my lashes were beautiful, they were thick and long and I thought, one of my best features. Now, now they aren’t so great. There are gaps and the lashes are very short in comparison to the lashes I had before. I’m working to rebuild them, taking vitamins specific to hair and nail growth. I have tried a lot of different mascaras, both on my clients and on myself and I have yet to find another mascara to beat these two.

Benefit Roller Lash RRP £22.00

Brand Focus - Benefit Cosmetics (UK)
Photo Credit: Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

I dislike lash curlers, I have had several over the years and I just don’t agree with them. So, I look for a mascara that will do the curl for me. My hair is naturally wavy (on my head), but everywhere else my hair is poker straight (don’t be dirty I meant my legs lashes!). I looked for a good four years for a curling mascara that separated the lashes so they weren’t clunked together but also curled the lashes and was waterproof. I was watching a Jeffree Star video and he mentioned roller lash. I actually think he was reviewing it, but it’s been his go-to ever since. I decided to pick it up next time I was looking for a mascara. I was hooked, my clients love it too and the minis are a must have in my makeup kit for doing client makeup. The brown is also stunning, it just gives a more natural look to your lash than the jet black.

Benefit Bad Gal Bang Volumising Mascara- RRP £22.00 

Brand Focus - Benefit Cosmetics (UK)
Photo Credit: Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

I wasn’t sold on this when it first came out. All the beauty gurus were raving about it, so I picked it up. I like to keep up with new products and give them a go so I can either tell my clients to avoid them or recommend them. When I first bought Bad Gal Bang I didn’t really see what all the fuss was about. I decided that since I’d bought it, I’d keep using it until it was done. I’m glad I did, I actually use this before I use Roller lash, this mascara does what it says in the title, it volumises your lashes. I was delighted when I stuck with it and applied it differently (using the brush and brushing down the lashes lid to tip, then opening my eyes and brushing the product from the lid to tip). My lashes look volumised, they have a lovely curl to them thanks to Roller lash and I finally feel happy to ditch my falsies and go au-naturel.


I was born with a hair lip, cleft palate. For those of you that don’t know, a hair lip is a birth defect that causes the skin of (usually) the upper lip to extend to the nose.  The opening can be on one side, or both sides for some unfortunate people, or, it can form in the middle. For me, (I, unfortunately, don’t have a photo before it was done, but if I do I’ll include it here) it meant my nose was also bent to one side because the skin had pushed it to another way.

It’s apparently called a cleft lip now because the term harelip is considered offensive… yeah, it’s a harelip anyone getting upset over that can certainly contact me about it as I’m 100% not offended by it. They call it a harelip because of the resemblance to a hare or rabbit (rabbits and hares are fucking cute, are you kidding me?! I love that!)

A cleft palate is when the roof of the mouth contains an opening into the nose. So, picture this, as this is how I see it, you have a river in the middle, on either side of the river you have river banks. The hole is the river, I can feel it with my tongue, mine extends from where my gums end right across the roof of my mouth.

It’s a pill, I remember I sneezed as a kid and I got spaghetti stuck up there, one half hanging out of my nose the other dangling inside my mouth from the hole. My aunt had to blow pepper at my nose to make me sneeze to get it out. I was a kid, it really hurt and funnily enough, I’ve never had the misfortune of it happening since. I have had a lot of other stuff blocking it, or covering it, like mashed potato. 

My husband loves telling people about the time I blurted out during a Sunday dinner with my biological mother, “I’ve potato up my hole, sorry.” Glenn just dropped his knife and fork and started laughing nervously, having no idea what I was on about. My biological mother was so nonchalant, “She means up the hole in her mouth, she has to make a weird noise to get it out.” It was more than a weird noise, I can’t describe what it is I do to get it out, but it does the job and it does make a terrible noise. I’ll do a separate post on my harelip/cleft palate journey as it comes with a tonne of other horrible deformities and medical conditions.

I mention this because I am super paranoid about my lips, like ridiculously paranoid about them. It’s so stupid, the only person that has ever noticed my scar and said anything is one of my closest girlfriends, Sarah B. She knew what it was, but from the day I met her until the present day she has always told me she thinks I’m gorgeous/beautiful and so on. She’s a very dear friend of mine, all of my girlfriends are very kind and say the same, but like every other person with body dysmorphia; nothing anyone tells you will change your mind.


Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain (Rose) RRP £25.50

Brand Focus - Benefit Cosmetics (UK)
Photo Credit: Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

This brings me to Benetint, I received the cheek & lip stain in the shade rose as a freebie after visiting my local Benefit Brow Bar in Debenhams, Castle Court, Belfast. It was the same day I bought refills of Roller Lash and my Hoola Bronzer, as well as picking up Hello Flawless! Custom Cover-Up Powder and refills of the majority of the other products I’ve talked about today. So, yes, I spent a shit-tonne of money there, but it was 100% worth it as not only did I love my brows, but I loved all the products.

I’m not a fan of anything rose smelling that isn’t an actual rose. The tint has a faint smell to it, but it’s not overpowering and it leaves the lips feeling soft. It’s kiss proof (which is VERY important) and gives just that kick of colour you need. I usually pair this with a gloss as I did a recent makeup look I posted on my Instagram. I have included the link to the picture below so you can see the products (most of them are Benefit products I’ve talked about here.)

Photo One

Photo Two

In Closing

So, there you have it. I did practically a full face of Benefit products, they have a foundation, blush, highlighters, eyeshadow palettes and tonnes more so you could definitely do a full face with one brand.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and that you go check out some of these products. If you already use them, or if you try them, please let me know in the comments or by sending me a tweet/DM on Instagram.

Until next time,

Brand Focus: Benefit Cosmetics (UK & Ireland)
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