Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two

August 1, 2019justabelfastgirl

Repost from Northern Irish Girl Online with a few changes

I recently posted my first part of this which you can find, here. I thought I’d do a follow up on this as I didn’t want to leave it too long. I’m not great with #FF (Follow Friday) as Friday’s are pretty busy days for me, it’s usually the day I see family, go food shopping, etc. So let’s look at this as a kind of Follow Friday.

Author note: None of these are in any particular order, just the order I wrote them down as I went through my Twitter and blog lists.


Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
Photo Credit: Batmom’s Twitter

She is one of my biggest champions and I just love her.  Her blog is amazing, it’s full of amazing reviews, updates on several different topics happening in media and is chock-full of interesting blog posts. Not only that, but she is one of the most positive people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Her posts with her future hubby are just the cutest and then there are her incredibly adorable and brilliant kids (that clearly take after their momma). 


Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
Photo Credit: Ida’s Twitter

Ida will be famous one day, she is going to write her memoirs and it’s going to include all her Tweets (because they’re feckin’ hilarious) and has promised me a signed copy. It’s on the internet forever, now, Ida. So I’ll be expecting it, now with your rendition of “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt. 

Ida is one of those people who make posts about mental health and spin them in such an incredible way that it’s difficult to not feel all the feels when you read them. Her Twitter has me nodding along whilst spitting out whatever I’m drinking and snort-laughing because, like me, she’s brutally honest and it’s hilariously funny, but also 100% accurate. I said to her recently it’s like she’s the voice in my head, then I go on Twitter and she’s posted the same thing I’ve been thinking or something similar a few days before. 

Blog Love 2018

Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
Photo Credit: Kari’s Twitter

I don’t know if you knew this, but Kari is not only an amazing person, but she has her own blog. She has spent so much time loving on other people’s blogs, retweeting them, liking their comments and she just doesn’t get enough recognition for all she does. At her request, I am keeping her profile picture the same as her Blog Love profile. 

She is another one that has championed me since the day we connected and I’ll always be eternally grateful, we have the type of friendship that we don’t need to speak to others constantly to know the other person cares, this girl is an absolute gem and you’d be lucky to have an amazing blogger like her as a subscriber to your blog. I highly recommend reading her posts and sending her lots of love.


Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
My blogging cuz! Photo Credit: Ross’ Twitter

The main man himself, I spoke about Ross briefly in the Autumn Tag post I did which will be reposted soon. He’s a very busy superhero (private joke) having just bought a house and become a dog dad.

Go show him some love and moral support as he’s currently up to his nips in paint, tiles, swatches, plans and dog poops. The man has the patience of a saint, check his blog post on what he has been through to understand what I’m talking about. If it were me I’d have lost the plot 20 times over by now. He’s been a huge supporter of mine and a really good buddy, he’s also currently living off Tesco meal deals (this is kind of a joke...), someone get those poor kids some decent food! 


Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
Photo Credit: Chess’ Twitter

Another stunner with a stunning blog to match! Chess blogs about lifestyle, food, product reviews, beauty, her cute little dog Lucy and so much more. Her reviews are always in-depth, honest and 100% worth a read. 

Her photos are stunning and if you really needed another reason to go follow her, she wore a dinosaur costume to her work Halloween party and twerked in it. 


Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
Newly Married! Photo Credit: Maud’s Twitter

Maud is from Tilberg, Nederland, a beautiful newlywed and is one of the sweetest, most kind people I have ever come across. Her blog posts are just sheer brilliance and she always goes out of her way to comment or help someone. 100% recommend reading her blog and hitting that subscribe button.

As if you needed any more reasons to follow her, Maud just got a kitten! I’m not usually a cat person, but this kitten is one of the cutest little things I have ever seen, ever.


Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
Photo Credit: Chloe Elizabeth dot com

Chloe is a fellow Psychology buff, she also blogs about mental health, lifestyle and fashion. I very often jump to Chloe’s blog when she posts to have a read. I borrowed the above picture of Chloe from her blog. I just think she looks gorge, just like the rest of the bloggers on this list.

She has a lot of good advice posts whether it’s on makeup, clothes, skincare or tips on health. You should definitely go have a read, especially her newest post on her wardrobe pieces, they’re stunning! A gorgeous girl inside and out and I’m not just saying that because we’re #TeamPsychology. 

Bexa (Currently on Hiatus)

Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
Photo Credit: Bexa Twitter

I’m sure if you are an avid blog reader you recognise this lovely face! Bexa was one of the first people to welcome me to the blogging community, she is always so supportive, kind, patient and helpful. She gives such good advice and she is a stationery QUEEN. If you don’t believe me just check out her blog

I literally get stationery envy when I read her posts as I love stationery, but that’s not all she does. Some of her other blog posts include travel, lifestyle and lots and lots of creativity!


Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
Award winner! Photo Credit: Anneli Twitter

Anneli is a Mental Health Blog Award winner! It is so well deserved, too. If you don’t follow Anneli’s blog, podcast, or social media then you definitely should. In between her podcast episodes, blogging, social media, winning awards and being a supportive part of the blogging community, she is also Co-Editor of The Breakdown which is an online mental health publication. You should go check it out by clicking on the title above, or here.


Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
My soul sister. Photo Credit: Linds Twitter

We’re like sarccy soul sisters that shouldn’t be allowed to go places together because we have no filter and at least 50% of the population is going to hate one or both of us and neither of us is going to care. Don’t ever tell her you put your hamsters, gerbils or guinea pigs up your ass or she’ll find you and cut you. You’ve been warned, you dirty birdies.

Her blog though, it’s an important one. Her blog is a mental health, vegan and lifestyle blog that covers a lot of topics. If I had to pick one of her blog posts for you to read then it would be, “Dear Men.” You’ll understand why when you go read it, I’ve even linked it for you.

P Dawg

Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
Photo Credit: P Dawg’s Twitter

“I’m not really ginger, my beard is.” – P Dawg, July 2019.

In all seriousness, I am so proud of him! He is another mental health blog award winner!! Absolutely delighted for him and it’s so well deserved. As if his award wasn’t proof enough of how good his mental health blog is then you should take my word for it. 

You will often see me, P Dawg and L Cat on Twitter giving it stacks as we say in NI and sending each other shoutouts, GIFs and just general banter between us. We’re like sober versions of The Hangover movie but played out on Twitter with all three of us giving male trolls grief.


Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
Photo Credit: Dalen’s Twitter

Dalen is one of the newest bloggers I have followed in recent times. We first connected in the #writingcommunity on Twitter as we are both writing fiction novels. He was brilliant at introducing me and has always included me in his #ff which I am forever grateful for.

Dalen has his own blog which you can find here, that focuses on lifestyle topics. He is also a co-blogger on a wrestling blog called Wrestle Hero Rebelz. I’m a big wrestling fan so I pop on to catch up on the latest when I have a chance as I’ve been so out of the loop on what’s happening since I started uni. Go give Dalen a follow and catch up on all the latest if you love wrestling.


Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
Photo Credit: Cara’s Twitter

This amazing babe needs no introduction, but I’ll do it anyway! Award-winning, amazingly talented and awesome all-round babe, Cara. Her blog focuses on mental health and she just mere days ago (Saturday 27th July 2019 to be exact) won Mental Health Blogger of the Year award at the Mental Health Blog Awards. 

I’m so proud to know her, she has worked so hard on her blog, it’s insightful, it’s knowledgeable and it is honest which is exactly what you want from a mental health blog. Cara is happy to share her personal experiences with an eating disorder and mental health in order to help others. 

Not only is she a supportive blog community member, but she’s also totally hilarious, too. We’re a funny bunch, us lot. Cara’s blog is here, I dunno how you haven’t checked it out, already, but if you haven’t go check it out, follow it and start reading those posts!


Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part 2
Photo Credit: Gemma’s Blog

Ach, my wee Gemma! She is one of my biggest supporters and is always up for a laugh on Twitter. Her blog covers a range of topics such as lifestyle, true crime, film reviews, book reviews and so much more. 

Gemma is such a gem, I’m so happy to know her, she’s one of the most supportive and funniest people I have the pleasure of knowing. Her blog is creative, beautiful and thought-provoking. Check it out, here.


Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
Photo Credit: Karen’s Twitter

Karen is one of my bestest buddies in the entire world. She makes me snort-laugh regularly when she’s not bullying me into voice recordings so she can take the piss of my accent. It’s okay though, she’s a Brummie so she needs to be forgiven for it. Can’t wait for her to kill me via text for that, lmao.

In all seriousness, without Karen, my books would never be published. She encouraged me to take the chance and send my first one to a publisher, and now I’m trying to stop procrastinating enough to get it finished, published and get paid. She’s also one of the first people I go to for advice, to rant to and is getting me through a really tough time at the minute by just being on the other end of the phone. For that, I’m eternally grateful. 

Her blog is absolutely incredible. I’m so proud of her, especially for sharing her journey with her transgender child. I think that was the post I actually first reached out to her over, as I’ve worked with kids, adults and I am part of the LGBTQ+ community so know a bit about the transgender youth community. It’s really worth a read, she also does a range of other posts on lifestyle, beauty. mum life and being a kick-ass published writer. SO PROUD to be her friend. Go check out her blog, I’ve linked it here.


Blogging: Bloggers You Need to Follow Part Two
Photo Credit: Nyxie’s Twitter

This wee gem, she’s from the Emerald Isle like myself which is partially why I love her. We’ve the same dirty/wicked sense of humour and the majority of our Twitter conversations is just us tweeting each other Northern Iron slang, which to us is absolutely hilarious, but to everyone else is just two crazy Irish girls talking complete bollocks.

Nyxie’s blog is amazing, she is amazingly talented with writing and has a way of drawing you in. I remember one day just sitting reading her posts for a good few hours. It’s well worth a look and of course, I have linked it for you, here. 

Her blog covers a lot of mental health topics such as eating disorders and the treatment process. I’ve learned so much I didn’t know about EMDR therapy which will come in handy with my Psychology studies. I highly recommend you go follow her and leave her a lovely comment.


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  • Kari

    November 1, 2018 at 7:00 am

    Aww. I love it! I’m always here! Love u girl!! I cant wait to see what the future holds💛💛💛

    1. northernirishgirlonline

      November 2, 2018 at 3:12 pm

      Thanks so much babe! Xx

  • Karen Bradshaw

    August 1, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    You’re such a darling. And don’t worry I won’t text you to kick your ass about the Brummie comment, I’ll do it right here 😉 will check out the other ones on here that I don’t already follow. Love you to bits xxx

  • Nyxinked

    August 1, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    Girl you’re too kind. I could have cried as I read this. I love chatting with you, I love that you get what I’m on about when I talk Irish shite. I’ve followed all the rest of these amazing bloggers! I’m glad to see you back writing again pet. x

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