Book Review: He's At Your Door by Alex Sinclair (Bloodhound Books)

Book Review: He’s At Your Door by Alex Sinclair (Bloodhound Books)

May 25, 2019justabelfastgirl

Book Review: He's At Your Door by Alex Sinclair (Bloodhound Books)


This book was gifted to me by Bloodhound Books for the sole purpose of an honest review on the book. This post is not sponsored by Bloodhound Books, nor is it sponsored by the author, Alex Sinclair. All comments on this review are my own.

This post will also contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a very small portion of the sale of the book if you choose to purchase it using my link

Book Synposis

Book Review: He's At Your Door by Alex Sinclair (Bloodhound Books)
Photo Credit: Bloodhood Books

“Knock, knock…He’s at your door!”

Karen Rainey lives a sheltered life on the edge of the city. For the last five years, she has rarely left the home unless it was unavoidable. She has her food and anything else she needs delivered to the front door. She works from home to avoid venturing outside.

But Karen isn’t agoraphobic. She’s terrified of her ex-boyfriend, Zach, who is serving a life sentence in prison for a string of bank robberies after Karen testified against him. With the constant threat that Zach might send someone to find and kill her, Karen keeps a low profile.

To aid her in paying the rent each month, Karen takes in the occasional housemate, opting for students from the local university. Her current housemate, Beth, is a young student who has no idea about Karen’s past.

But when a mysterious package is left of her doorstep, it sends Karen’s world into turmoil.

Has Zack found her?

Isolated and frightened, Karen befriends Beth but refuses to tell her everything about her past.

Trapped inside their home, Karen and Beth soon begin to lose their minds.

But is the threat really outside or is it closer to home?

About the Author

Book Review: He's At Your Door by Alex Sinclair
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Alex lives in sunny Australia outside Melbourne in a quaint and quiet little country town.

He is married and has a little girl that he loves to spend time with.

Alex has a variety of psychological thrillers that have been released on Amazon and I highly recommend you check them out. His books are really fast paced, have so many twists and turns that you’d be hard pushed to figure out what’s going to happen next if you don’t skip ahead (don’t do that anyway, it’s naughty!)

Being a psychological thriller author himself, he loves to read the same genre from other authors and spends his time when he’s not with his family with his nose stuck in a book reading a good fiction.

My Thoughts

Can I be honest? I WAS FANGIRLING AF when I seen it was THEE ALEX SINCLAIR! I’m such a massive fan of his work and find him really inspiring, okay, shut up Nicole. I wish I could afford to buy all the books he’s published as I’ve only managed to get my hands on two of his books, prior to this and they were library borrowed. I swear this is my honest review and I’m not biased…okay, maybe I am just a little bit.

Book Review: He's At Your Door by Alex Sinclair
Me realising I was reviewing Alex Sinclair’s new book.

Twenty Four Hours

The time line in the book is set over a 24 hour period so as you can imagine it’s a very intense twenty four hours. You would be surprised at exactly how much can transpire in the space of twenty four hours, and Alex has really squeezed so much suspense, twists, and holy crap moments in there.

Girl, Have You Not Seen SE7EN?!

When Karen got the package all I could think of in my head was the famous line from the movie SE7EN when Brad Pitt shouts, “WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!” If you haven’t seen that movie, I won’t spoil what is in the box, but WOAH. I felt the same when reading this.

Creepy Stalker Ex

I mean, is there really anything worse than a creepy ex? Well, yes clearly there is, a homocidal creepy, stalker ex is so much worse. It’s enough to make you want to lock your doors, changed your number and delete all your social media accounts. This guy, Zach, is one warped little dude.

Let’s Not Meet

Are you a Reddit fan? If so, you’ll know this is a line used in Creepypasta subreddit’s and this is exactly what I thought of when I read this book. It really is a tale of let’s never meet, Zach.

The girl has serious security, I don’t want to give too much away as it’s 100% something you need to read, but if your like me and love books like this you make mental notes in your head of what you would do, the security you would have and so on.

You always think you know what you’d do in a situation like the one the main character Karen finds herself in, but in reality you never do unless it happens to you (which I hope it never does) and this book really does make you think.

“Holy shit… what if this were me?”

Finishing the Book

Book Review: He's At Your Door by Alex Sinclair (Bloodhound Books)
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I didn’t want the book to end! Yet another book to add to my “to read again” list. I just wish I had all of Alex’s books as I’d 100% read them all one by one and there isn’t many authors that I can honestly say I’d do that for other than Patricia Cornwell, Lee Childs, Jeffrey Deaver and good old Stephen King.

What’s the Score?

I am not gonna lie I’d really high expectations when I started reading Alex’s book as it’s not the first book of his that I’ve read of Alex’s. I had previously read “Tell Me No Lies” and I LOVED it. So, I had high hopes for this.

Did He Deliver?


I didn’t have any doubt he would and DID HE EVER?! Highly recommend this book whether it’s a Father’s Day gift (Father’s Day is on 16th June 2019 in the UK), whether it’s a book for your partner just because, or if you fancy treating yourself then I honestly think you should go purchase it and show Alex some love in the reviews section.

Where to Purchase the Book

Book Review: He's At Your Door by Alex Sinclair (Bloodhound Books)
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You can purchase this book along with other titles by Alex Sinclair on

Further publishing’s by Bloodhound Books

You can find more information on Bloodhound Books and some of their other amazing published books by some incredible authors, here.

They mostly publish crime and thriller novels, so perfect if, like me, you love a good crime, crime thriller or psychological thriller.

Closing Questions

  • Have you read the book? If so, let me know in the comments below.
  • Do you think I missed anything in this review?
    • What would you have liked me to included?
  • Do you have any questions on the review?
    • Anything else you want to know about the book that I might not have mentioned? Leave that below, too!

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Book Review: He's At Your Door by Alex Sinclair (Bloodhound Books)
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Special Thank You

I’d like to say a special thank you to Bloodhound Books and the author Alex Sinclair for gifting me this book. It was such a good read and I was sucked in from beginning to finish.

Book Review: He's At Your Door by Alex Sinclair (Bloodhound Books)
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