Book Review: Anna by Patricia Dixon

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I’ve had a bit of an insane two weeks with personal matters that I am unable to talk about, even on my own blog as they pertain to friends of mine and not myself. I’m so behind on publishing my review, so I’d like to say a big sorry to Bloodhound Books and the authors of the books where reviews are due.


This book was gifted to me by Bloodhound Books for the sole purpose of an honest review on the book. This post is not sponsored by Bloodhound Books, nor is it sponsored by the author, Patricia Dixon. All comments on this review are my own.

This post will also contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a very small portion of the sale of the book if you choose to purchase it using my link.

Book Synposis

Book Review: Anna by Patricia Dixon
Photo Credit: Bloodhound Books

A moving story of betrayal and loss.

Against the odds, can you learn to trust and love again?

Set on the coast of Portsmouth and the beautiful Loire Valley, this is the story of Anna. A married mother of three, the unremarkable rock of her family is content with her life until she discovers that Matthew, her husband of 22 years, is having an affair.

Consumed by hurt and tainted memories, Anna’s life is turned upside down by first betrayal and then loss. Her confidence totally destroyed, she is tormented by the spectre of Matthew’s unknown lover. Whilst keeping the secret of his affair from her family, Anna must find her way through the pain alone.

With one son on the other side of the world, another about to enter a war zone and her daughter off to university, Anna’s life gradually begins to crumble until someone from her past appears.

Can Anna find peace and learn to love again?


About the Author

Book Review: Anna by Patricia Dixon
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Patricia Dixon was born in Manchester where she still lives with her husband. They have two grown up children and one grandson. 

Ignoring her high school reports and possibly sound advice from teachers, Patricia shunned the world of academia and instead, stubbornly pursued a career in fashion. Once the sparkle of London life wore off she returned north and embarked on a new adventure, that of motherhood. 

Now, almost thirty years later she has acquiesced to the wise words of her elders and turned her hand to writing. Patricia has written a total of eight novels, the latest is due for release in March 2019.

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My Thoughts


Book Review: Anna by Patricia Dixon
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This is the first book I have read by Patricia Dixon so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I liked the blurb so decided to give it a bash.

As you can tell from the blurb Anna is the lead character in the story, she is struggling with what happened to her husband and wondering if she’ll ever find peace, again. What she doesn’t know is that her husband wasn’t exactly truthful to her whilst they had been together and married. This throws a spanner in the works and between her grief, dealing with the day to day loss and betrayal she’s now also on the look out for the other characters that have come to light since she found out about her husband’s sorid secret.

Worst still, there are children (albeit grown children) involved so while dealing with her own feelings, she has to help her children grieve, shield them from the betrayal and the secrets that come tumbling out seemingly one by one. I took to Anna immediately for her resilience and sassiness, she reminds me a bit of me. In my personal opinion, a good book has characters that give you the ability to identify yourself in them or someone else you know. 

What’s the Score?

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4 out of 5 stars

It’s definitely an emotional read and one that has you forgetting your tea because you are too busy reading to remember it’s sitting right beside you. 4 out of 5! I have added Patricia’s other books to my book wishlist for future reading. 

Where can you Purchase the Book?

Special Thank You

I’d like to say a special thank you to Bloodhound Books/Bombshell Book Publishing and the author Alex Sinclair for gifting me this book. It was such a good read and I was sucked in from beginning to finish.

If you haven’t read my previous review on the amazingly talented Alex Sinclair’s new psychological thriller, He’s At Your Door, you can find it, here.

Book Review: Anna by Patricia Dixon
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