Book Review: The Coop by E.C. Deacon (Bloodhound Books)

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I’ve had a bit of an insane time with personal matters that I am unable to talk about, at the moment at least. I’m so behind on publishing my review, so I’d like to say a big sorry to Bloodhound Books and the authors of the books where reviews are due.


This book was gifted to me by Bloodhound Books for the sole purpose of an honest review of the book. This post is not sponsored by Bloodhound Books, nor is it sponsored by the author, E.C. Deacon. All comments on this review are my own.

This post will also contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a very small portion of the sale of the book if you choose to purchase it using my link.

Trigger Warning

This book covers topics such as suicide, murder and mental health. If you think this may upset you, do not read it. However, if you decide to proceed ahead, the author, the publisher, nor myself are liable for any upset or emotional triggers this may cause. If you have been affected by any of the topics mentioned above then please seek the help of your GP/doctor and/or local mental health services.

Book Synopsis

Book Review: The Coop by E C Deacon
Photo credit: Bloodhound Books

When a woman staggers, naked, from a river, she has no idea that she’s been saved from a killer by a text message from a dead woman.

Laura Fell is horrified when she discovers her friend Gina’s suicide. But when the autopsy reveals Gina died before her arrival at the house, she is perplexed. Who then answered her mobile phone?

Everton Bowe, a cop whose career is as dead as his marriage, insists there was no-one else present.  But he’s wrong.

Meanwhile, his ex-lover, DC Helen Lake, insists there are similarities between the traumatized river woman and the cold case of three missing women; the victims, she fears, of a serial killer.

So, when a strange Dove’s feather, matching one found on the river victim, is found in Gina’s house, Everton and Helen are suspicious.

If there was someone inside Gina’s house could he also be the river attacker?

And could he also be responsible for the other missing women?

At the same time, Laura Fell uncovers a web of deceit that stains the relationships around her and seems weirdly linked to Gina’s death, as well as the attacked woman.

Is there a serial killer on the loose?

If so, what is his motive, and the macabre significance of the feather?

About the Author

Book Review: The Coop by E.C. Deacon
Photo credit to E C Deacon Facebook Page

By the time The Coop is published, I will be sixty-nine years old – a tad late to be starting a new career as a novelist. But then, I’ve always been a bit contrary. When I was a teenager, my family nicknamed me ‘Edge’ (and it stuck), because I had a bit of one (edge). I’m more mellow now, life has given me its fair share of kicking, and I hope I’ve learned from it. I enjoy nature, walking, gardening – then go back to my imaginary world of murder and mayhem. Contrary.  

I have two sons, Max and Ollie, both working in the film business. One as an actor, the other behind the camera as a producer/director. Both are hugely talented and hard-working, much more than I ever was at their age. I now live in a pretty village, Thames Ditton, within a short riverside walk of Hampton Court Palace, with my partner, Juliet. This book is dedicated to her because she is its inspiration.  

It took me over twenty years to feel confident enough to write my first novel, The Coop. During that time, I wrote dozens of screenplays. Working with award-winning Producers and Directors and Oscar-winning actors. Some scripts I’m proud of and have not been made, others more ‘functional’ have been. I have no idea why it’s a lottery.  

I once had a Producer, label me an ‘emotional terrorist.’ I took it as a compliment – I now know it wasn’t! I’ve had brilliant reviews and stinkers and have learnt that the only thing you can do, is to come back for more. Art is great but you have to pay the mortgage.  

I approached writing The Coop the same way I do all my projects. I feel comfortable with it. In truth, I don’t know another way, but I’m sure others do. It goes something like this: First the premise. Test it. Expand it. Test it again. Then storyline it, roughly. Explore the characters, and do character breakdowns. Expand the storyline, adding character notes… Only then do I begin to write… and rewrite, rewrite. This may seem laborious but I find it gives me the confidence to set my imagination free. I find it weirdly liberating rather than restricting. I start slowly but quickly, building up momentum until I am writing seven days a week. It must be really boring for my partner! 

A friend described The Coop as a ‘brilliant window’ into ‘a very murky mind.’ I’ll take that as a compliment.  

Author’s Social Media & Amazon Page

My Thoughts

Book Review: The Coop by E.C. Deacon
Photo credit: Amazon

The book starts with the death of Gina, having committed suicide and sending the video of her suicide via MMS to a friend.

PC Everton Bowe, a policeman with Ménière’s disease, with a broken marriage and plenty of baggage of his own is the first to arrive at Gina’s home after a friend of Gina’s calls, worried about her friend. 

There are quite a lot of background stories to get through, that does seem a bit all over the place at the time, but give you an insight into the characters lives, the skeleton’s in their closet, and comes together as you work with the characters to piece together what the significance of the white feather is, if Gina is linked to another victim and to find out who Gina’s special friend really is.

Book Review: The Coop by E C Deacon
Photo credit: Erik Stine

There are a few spanners in the works which are what you want from an excellent psychological thriller. It’s a book that you’ll find hard to put down and if like me, you love a good moody thriller with a good few twists to make you think, “What the hell just happened?” Or, “I didn’t see that coming!

What’s the Score?

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4 out of 5 stars

I loved this book, I really love a good moody thriller that keeps you guessing as I feel like I’ve read so many of these books that (the cocky bitch I am) I guess what happens before I get to the end and then I’m sorta disappointed when it works out the way I thought it would. I like to be challenged and this book definitely challenged me!

Where can you Purchase the Book?

The book can be purchased here. Don’t just take my word for it, read the Amazon reviews, too!

Special Thank You

I’d like to say a special thank you to Bloodhound Books and the author E C Deacon for gifting me this book and for being so patient whilst I dealt with some very personal issues.

If you haven’t read my previous review on the amazingly talented Kerena Swan’s new psychological thriller, Scared to Breathe, you can find it, here.


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