Just a Belfast Girl is your first stop for all content that may be considered taboo. This would include true crime, cold cases, honest to goodness reviews on products, posts and interviews with others discussing mental health, sex, sexuality, love and relationships.

There will also be a glimpse into life as a student forensic and child psychologist.

You’ll find posts about product reviews, capsule wardrobe updates, and my beauty/makeup have to have.

Wait… Do I Know You?

Maybe! I have featured in a few publications that I thought you may want to check out, those publications are:

  • The Dots
  • Kinky Panda
  • Fat Joe Publishing


I will only accept gifted items or write about certain products for brands that I truly believe in and have either used for a long time or discovered recently and fell in love with.

I am a member of several affiliate networks and there will be a link to certain products on my site. If a reader does click on a link, I may be paid a small fee for referring a reader to that particular brand.

I will always disclaim if I am working with a brand or if a post is sponsored by a particular brand. All posts will be clearly marked in accordance with the ASA, CAP and IAB guidelines.

I Am No Expert

I do not claim to be an expert in the subjects I tackle. However, any topics discussed in this blog have been researched in depth by me. The opinions are my own and I try to keep an impartial view when discussing topics others may deem as upsetting or offensive.

It’s my hope that by talking about these topics, people will share them, the more aware people are and the more people that are talking about the topics, the more hope there is that people out there that could solve these cases.



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