Mental Health Series: A Mother’s Love – My Childhood Abuse Survival Story Part 2

Part 1 can be found, here. Living in Filth Due to the filth, I got so sick, my whole mouth and throat were


Foodie Recipes: Coconut, Cinnamon & Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Life as an Autistic Adult

Mental Health Series: Life as an Autistic Adult

Have you ever felt like an alien on your own planet, not quite like anyone else? Alone yet surrounded by people? I have a mind that never sleeps always working, planning and sorting. I wear a mask everyday so I can fit in better, I smile and pretend I’m ok that the lights don’t bother me or that those foot steps don’t sound like bombs exploding and it’s all hurting me.

My Two Cents: Deborah Ross – ”Influencers Are Detestable Freeloaders and their Followers are Morons”

So there’s this wee woman that some mad person gave article space to named Deborah Ross. I came across this when listening to the lovely Melanie Murphy (you all know from past reading of the old blog that I love me some Melanie) give her defence on the article that Deborah posted. The link to the video is, here. I definitely recommend you go and watch this before reading this post as Melanie goes into depth about how much of an a terrible person Deborah is.