I’m Back: An Update

For those who may be new, or maybe don’t know where I’ve been… I’ve actually been in the midst of a move. I thought I’d just use this post as an update on what’s been going on with me and plans for the future, both personally and with the blog.

Why I Don't Celebrate Christmas, Anymore. A Dedication to a Very Special Man

Lifestyle: Why I don’t Celebrate Christmas, anymore

I entered the room and approached my mother just thinking she was drunk as usual and getting emotional. I asked her what was wrong, she just kept screaming, “he’s gone, he’s gone!” Panic ran through me, who was gone? Was my daddy, okay? Was it my grandpapi? It couldn’t be my Uncle A because he was there. Uncle S was fine, he wasn’t on tour anywhere with the army. Who was gone and why was she so upset? Then mother interrupted my little 9-year-old brain to say one name, S.